Family members are having the symptoms must not come to office-DOE

F. No. A-65061(55}/9/2020-Admin-CGA-Part(2)
Government of India
Department of Expenditure
Office of Controller General of Accounts
Room No. 203, 27 Floor, Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
Block-E, G.P.O. Complex, I.N.A., New Delhi-1 10023

Dated: 18.05.2020


Subject : National Directives for COVID — 19 Management.

Reference is invited to orders/circulars rclated to COVID .. 19 issued by office of CGA and also the guidelines issued from M/o Home Affairs and M/o Health.

All officer & staff are once again advised to take care of their health. In case of any symptoms like fever, respiratory problem or if feeling unwell, they may immediately inform their Section-in-charge/ reporting officer and the MoHFW guidelines may be followed. It is applicable even if any of the family members are having the symptoms. In this scenario, the concerned officers / staff must not come to office till they or their family members are cleared by health officials.

The Section-in-charge/ reporting officer may allow such individual to work from home and MUST REPORT the same to Administration Section, O/o CGA.

This issued with the approval of Competent Authority.

(Narinder Pal Singh)
Assistant Controller Gencral of Accounts(Admn.)

1. All Jt. CGAs in O/o  CGA / Chief Controller (Pension), CPAO/ Director, INGAF, New Dethi.
2. All Sections of O/o CGA, New Delhi.
3. Sr. AO (ITD) for uploading on Office of CGA’s website.
4. Guard file.

Source: DOE

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