Retirement on 30th June – Increment to Pensioners

A question was raised regarding not implementing the Court Order to grant Notional Increment benefit to pensioners retiring on 30th June. The reply is given below

(a) whether Government had filed a Review Petition in the Supreme Court of India against Court’s order dated the 23rd July, 2018 [RP (c) No. 1731/2019 in SLP (c) No.22008/2018] and the Court had dismissed the SLP on 8th August, 2019, if so, the details thereof;

Yes, Sir. Union of India filed SLP (C) No. 22008/2018 in the Supreme Court of India against Order dated 15-09-2017 in WP No. 15732/2017 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Madras. The said SLP was dismissed by the Supreme Court of India by its Order dated 23-07-2018. Against the said Order, Union of India filed Review Petition (C) No . 1731/2019 which was dismissed by the Supreme Court of India vide its Order dated 08-08-2019.

(b) whether in the light of the said order of the Supreme Court. Government has issued any order to implement it for the benefit of pensioners who retired on 30th June, if not, whether any timeline has been fixed and if not, the reasons therefor?

Ans : As the judgement is in personam and is contrary to the personnel policy of Government of India, no general order has been issued.

Source : Rajyasabha

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