Defence workers being membership in Service Associations- MOD clarification

File No:21 (09/2016-D(JCM)
Government of India
Department of Defence

Subject: -Participation of Defence Workers in the Service Associations recognised under the Central Civil Service (CCS) Recognition of Service Association (RSA) Rules. 1993-reg.

The undersigned is directed to say that the issue regarding applicability of Central Civil Service (CCS) Recognition of Service Association (RSA) Rules: 1993 to the workers employed in the Defence establishments was discussed in the famous forums including the 46 and 47 National Council JCM meetings.

2. As a practice, workers have been participating in Associations in Ministry of Defence. However CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 stipulates that these rules shall not apply to industrial employees of the Ministry of Railways and workers employed in Defence installations of Ministry of Defence for whom separate Rules for recognition exist.

3. The matter has since been re-examined in consultation with DoPT Ministry of Labour & Employment and Legal Adviser (Defence). It has accordingly been decided that all Headquarters Directorates Defence establishments under the Ministry of Defence may advice their employees that those workers who are coveted under Factories Act and Industrial Disputes Act cannot be part of Service Association as per provisions of CCS (RSA) Rules 1993. All future cases of recognition renewal of recognition Service Associations may be processed accordingly

(Anil Kumar. T)
Under Secretary (JCM)
Tel No 2301 1250

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