Re-engagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis-Railway Board


RBE No 92/2019
New Delhi, dated 04.06.2019
The General Manager (P)
All Indian Railways/PUs

Sub: Re-engagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot (Both Diesel and Electrical Drivers).

Ref: 1. E(NG)II/2010/RC-4/6 dated 16.11.2010 (RBE No.164/2010).
2. E(NG)ll/2007/RC-4/CORE/1 dated 16.10.2017 (RBE No.150/2017).
3. E(NG)11/2007/RC-4/CORE/1 dated 12.12.2017 (RBE No. 193/2017).

Attention is invited to Ministry of Railways (Railway Board’s) letters referred on the above subject. In partial modification of the instructions contained ( para 5 of Ref.S.No.1) in letter ibid, Board have decided further to permit utilization of Loco Pilots on re engagement after retirement for shunting operations, excluding movements on main line and for Departmental Trains where the Loco Pilot is assisted by a regular ALP. Other terms and conditions remain the as same in the Board’s letters ibid.

It shall be mandatory that all applicable conditions relating to medical fitness, training, competency certification and other terms and conditions for engagement for Loco Pilots shall be invariably fulfilled and complied with before the re engaged personnel are utilized for the afore mentioned duties.

(Neeraj Kumar)
Director Estt. (N)II
Railway Board

Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/establishment/ENG-II/2019/E(NG)II_04062019.pdf

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