Hospital Patient Care Allowance for C.G. employees working in hospitals and Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Govt. employees.

M/o Health and Family Welfare

6.1.6 Item No. 27/19/NC-47 - Hospital Patient Care Allowance for C.G. employees working in hospitals.

Staff Side stated that at present, the Hospital Patient Care Allowance has been extended to the categories of cook, ward sahaika, safaiwala, barber and washermen. However, junior physiotherapists, junior dietician, carpenter, painter, tailor, mazdoor, mali and chowkidar (non­ ministerial Staff) have been left out and are not being granted this allowance on the plea that the contact of these categories of employees with patients or their exposure to infected materials is of occasional nature. However, there are other categories of ministerial employees who are exposed to infection in hospitals. All employees ministerial or non-ministerial, working in hospitals, may be granted Hospital Patient Care Allowance.

Reply of the Official Side:

The matter is under examination in consultation with the Department of Expenditure.

M/o Health and Family Welfare

Item No. 16/19/NC-47 - Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Govt. employees.

Staff Side stated that M io H&FW vide OM No.S.11016/1192-CGHS(P), dated 29.10.1992 have issued instructions for grant of Medical Advances, and vide OM No. 812015/3/93- CGHS_(P) dated 30.12.1993, a clarification was issued thereafter on limit of advance. Even though 90% of the estimate can be given as advance, the amount is restricted to Rs.10,000/- only for those diseases which are not covered under packages (conservative treatments) and this ceiling limit fixed during 1992 with no revision thereafter may be revised to 90% of the estimated amount.

Reply of the Official Side:

The guidelines regarding grant of medical advance for Central Government Employees have been revised vide OM No. S.14025/18/2015-MS/EHSS, dated 17.10.2016. As per the said OM, serving CGHS and CS(MA) beneficiaries may be granted 90% medical advance of the approved CGHS package rates for all indoor treatment, irrespective of major or minor diseases. Chairman advised that a copy of relevant OM may be shared with Staff Side.

Source:NC JCM

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