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16 Apr 2019

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1. Ref Para 9 (h) of Gol (MoD) letter No 24 (8)/03/US (WE)/D(Res) dt 19 Dec 2003.

2. With operationalisation of all PCs, Medical Examination/ Health Check up/ Screening test within the available facilities in the ECHS PCs is to be implemented. Some tests like Hb A1C , Thyroid, Pulmonary, Cardiac & Renal Function Test etc are not available in ECHS PCs whereas other tests are available in varying degrees. While comprehensive annual health check on outsourced basis will be implemented once our proposal is approved by MoD (DoESW), Health check up limited to available facilities at PC without affecting medical treatment will be implemented.

3. ECHS aims to provide quality healthcare to ESM pensioners and their dependants through a network of ECHS Polyclinics, Service Medical Facilities and Civil Empanelled/ Govt hospitals spread across the country. Keeping in view of the importance of diagnosis of chronic non communicable health problems at the preventive level, it is necessary to introduce preventive health check up for all ECHS beneficiaries above the age group of 40 yrs.

4. Since a large population of ECHS beneficiaries are above 40 yrs of age and are in high risk age group to develop various diseases, it is essential that a system be put in place wherein timely preventive screening for various ailments like life style diseases, screening for common cancers in men and women, age related ailments etc may be done. This aids in early detection, monitoring, mgmt and follow up of most of the common ailments besides being cost effective in long term.

5. Time tested old concept of 'Prevention is better than cure' has already been adopted by CGHS vide Gol, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare letter No A. 17020/1/2010-MS dated 21 Oct 2011. It's importance has been well accepted by private sector too wherein comprehensive preventive health check up/ Executive preventive health check up etc are being adopted.

6. Presently, since majority of population are seeking medical advice very late after already having got affected by ailments due to non existence of preventive health checkups in initial stages, the same is resulting in long term continuous advocation of multiple drugs, prolonged periods of hospitalisation with poor outcomes and this has been adversely affecting health care of our esteemed veterans .

7. Investigations as at Para 8 below as per age group are considered essential taking into consideration Gol, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare letter No 11-25/2009 CGHS/SZ/CGHS(P) dated 22 Dec 2011 and have been forwarded for approval by Govt.

8. Age & Frequency Co-relation.

(a) Age . It will be counted with recorded date of birth and will entitle an ECHS beneficiary for the said tests after completion of years in which tests are specified. For example, if DOB of an ECHS beneficiary is 15 Feb 76 then he/she becomes entitled for first test after the scheme is implemented since he/she is already more than 40 years old.

(b) Frequency. Once tests is done say on 01 May 19 then next test can be done only after 01 May 24 with DOB of 15 Feb 76 as frequency between 40 to 59 years is recommended once in five years

40-59 YrsOnce in 5 yrHb, TLC, DLC, ESR
Lipid Profile 
Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid, X-ray chest (PA view) 
Urine-RE/ME ,BS-F/ PP, ECG,
Lipid Profile 
Creatinine, Uric acid,
X-ray chest (PA view)
HbA1C, Pap smear, 
HPV Test, 
60-79 YrsOnce in 2 yrHb, TLC , DLC,ESR
Urine-RE/ME,BS-F/ PP, ECG,
Lipid Profile
Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid,
X-ray chest (PA view). 
PSA Test
Lipid Profile
Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid, 
X-ray chest (PA view).
HbA1CP ap smear, HPV Test 
Thyroid Profile 
80 & aboveEvery yearHb, TLC, DLC, ESR
Urine-RE/ME,BS-F/ PP, 
Lipid Profile
Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid,
X-ray chest (PA view) HbA1C
PSA Test
Urine-RE/ME,BS-F/ PP, 
Lipid Profile
Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid, 
X-ray chest (PA view).
Pap smear, HPV Test

9. Preventive health care and checkups are an important and accepted public health issue in present day scenario. Introduction of such facility for veterans shall go a long way in sensitizing the ECHS beneficiaries towards timely adoptions of life style modification. It also aids health care providers in early detection, mgt and prevention of aggravation of chronic ailments there by increasing the quality, life expectancy and satisfaction of the target clientele.

10. Entitlement of Health Checkup.

(a) All ECHS beneficiaries meeting twin criteria of being ESM and drawing pension from Defence Budget.

(b) Those drawing FMA in lieu of OPD treatment will not be eligible.

11. Salient Aspects of Execution.

(a) The Preventive Health Check up will be limited to facilities in ECHS Polyclinics subject to medical treatment of patients not being adversely affected.

(b) No referral for these tests will be issued to anyone either for Service Hosps/ Empanelled facilities till approved by Govt.

(c) HQ Comds/ controlling HQs can nominate days/ timings for these health checkups in PCs without affecting the healthcare of veterans requiring medical treatment.

12. The instrs will be modified based on environmental feedback .

(DK Dubey)
Gp Capt
Offg Dir (Med)

Copy to:-
MoD (DoESW) - Comprehensive proposal on lines of CGHS has been formulated. The same may pl be approved.
AG Branch
DG DC&W Sectt
DGMS (Army)
DGMS (Navy)
DGMS (Air)
UTl-BPA - for info pl.


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