Merger of non-technical posts in independent units such as PSFS, PSDs, CSDs, PTCs, RAKNPA etc-DoP

F. No. X-20/7/2018-SPN-II
Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts (Personnel Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, 
New Delhi – 110001,
Dated: 12th April, 2019


All Chief Postmasters General / Postmasters General
Chief General Manager, BD Directorate / Parcel Directorate / PLI Directorate Director, RAKNPA / GM, CEPT / Directors of All PTCs
Addl. Director General, Army Postal Service, R.K.Puram, New Delhi

Subject: Merger of non-technical posts in independent units such as PSFS, PSDs, CSDs, PTCs, RAKNPA etc.


The Department has been in receipt of various references from officials working in isolated units like Postal Store Forms & Seals (PSFS), Aligarh, PSDs, CSDs etc. regarding their transfer avenues (inter-circle and intra-circle) under Rule 38 as these cadres are treated as separate cadre due to which officials working in PSFS never get/apply for transfer under Rule 38.

The matter has been examined in the Directorate wherein it was found that such small units (PSD/CSD/PSFS etc.) remain isolated including in their promotion prospects. Candidates once appointed in PSFS are not able to move anywhere on transfer if they wish to do so, whereas on other hand PA/SA in Administrative offices/operative offices are free to move anywhere on request transfer. Besides, less number of cadres enables a focused approach towards welfare of officials while framing any policy and it is easier for administration for management of cadres.

In view of the above, it has been decided as under:

a) Non- technical posts in Level 1 to Level 7 in independent units such as PSFS, PSDs, CSDs, PTCs, RAKNPA etc. would be added to the sanctioned strength of corresponding level posts of operative side, like MTS, PA in PO, LSG in PO, HSG II in PO and HSG I in PO, of the Postal Division, which is covering the geographical area_ in which such isolated establishment is located. That Postal Division shall be the feeder Division for recruiting / posting of officials in such establishment on tenure basis. The concerned Head of the Circle will designate a Postal Division to which the PSD/CSD/PTC will be attached for the purpose. Ghaziabad Postal Division will be feeder Division for the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy.

However, if suitable officials are not provided to RAKNPA / PTCs by the said feeder Division, the Head of RAKNPA / PTC in consultation with concerned Head of Circle shall post suitable officials from other Divisions (Postal/RMS) in the Circle(s).

Yours faithfully,

(Muthuraman C)
Assistant Director General (SPN)


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