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B.Guha Thakurta
Date : 27.04.2019

To The Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members And All Affiliated Unions of AIDEF

Dear Comrades,
Meeting of the Steering Committee of OFB JCM III level council held at OFB Kolkata on 23-4-2019.

The Steering committee meeting of OFB JCM III level council was held at OFB Kolkata on 23-4-2019 under the Chairmanship of DDG/ IR. AIDEF was represented by Comrades C.Srikumar, T.Panchaksharam, and R.S.Reddy. Before the agenda points were taken up for discussion AIDEF representatives raised the following important issues.

1) It was informed that the following issues were raised by AIDEF representatives in the National Council(JCM) Meeting held under the JOINT SECRETARY Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary on 13/04/2019 in which the DGOF & Ravindra S.Reddy Chairman was also present. G.T.Gopal Rao (i) Responding to the demand of the staffside that the salary BE Parishat expenditure element of the OFs and the various over heads should not be added while fixing the cost of the products manufactured in the OFs so as to enable Army to procure the items produced in the — OFs including the items declared as Non-core, Secretary/DP and the Mohan Hol Cabinet Secretary have positively responded and informed that the issue is in advance stage of consideration. He requested OFB to ORG. SECRETARY expedite the issue. B.Chandriah (ii) Chairman/OFB has agreed in the meeting that the 62 Casual B.K.Sahoo Labourers of GSF Cossipore who were given temporary status based Ranipnaveahi on a CAT Judgment would be absorbed in the erstwhile Gr-D Aussie vacancies available in the Factory. Therefore, OFB May kindly issue : instructions to GSF in this regard.

(iii) Cabinet Secretary has agreed that in service disputes pertaining to P.B.Panigrahi  policy matters and common service conditions the Judgment given K.Sivakumar by Hon'ble Supreme Court to a particular employee/group of Debjyoti Basu employees then to avoid multiplicity of litigations the benefit would be extended to similarly placed employees. He therefore requested that OFB may kindly identify such judgments of Supreme Courts not implemented to similarly placed employees of OFs.

(iv) In the case of employees who die in Factory accidents while performing their duties, compassionate appointment is granted to the dependents immediately, however, within the ceiling limit of 5%. However, in the case of employees who became medically invalidated/boarded out, in their case the dependents are not given immediate compassionate appointment and their names are kept in the long waiting list. Therefore, immediate compassionate appointment may be granted in their case also. Cabinet Secretary has directed Secretary/DP to consider this request of the staffside. He therefore requested OFB to forward a proposal to MoD for getting the above proposal approved.

2) In spite of the court Judgment and subsequent orders issued by Dept. of Expenditure for extending the benefit of Entry-pay granted to the direct recruits for the employees especially HS-II and HS-I, promoted after 01/01/2006 irrespective of the fact that whether any Direct Recruitment in the particular post has taken place or not, the PC of A(fys) has referred the matter to CGDA and due to this the employees are deprived of the benefits which they are due. He further stated that if the matter is not settled within 15 days then his Union in OCF Avadi will be forced to file Contempt of Court proceedings against the concerned officials.

3) Deptt. of Expenditure have issued instructions based on the outcome of the decision taken in the National Council(JCM) that HRA can be released without insisting for non-availability certificate of quarters. However, OFB have not yet issued instructions to the Factories to implement the same, since the factories are not releasing HRA to the employees even though majority of the quarters are practically not habitable since these quarters were constructed 50-80 years ago and don't have the facilities required for today's life requirements. Therefore, OFB may consider the matter in its true spirit and necessary instructions may please be issued to all the OFs.

4) With regard to the SRO of Chargeman and JWM, forwarded by OFB to MoD, we expressed our protest on the following issues :-
(i) Incorporating educational qualifications of 12th Std, ITI, NAC/NCTVT for promotion of IEs to CM.
(ii) Not including the CMD, AMD, FED, SR.DEO and Tracer as feeder categories for promotion to CM.
(iii) Keeping Degree in Engineering as the qualification required for JWM(SG) through LDCE. We requested that the above decision of OFB will have demoralizing effect on the employees and hence, the same may be reconsidered so that the SRO is finalized incorporating the views of the Staffside also.
5) Based on a discussion held in one of the OFB JCM III Steering Committee Meeting, PC of A(fys.) has taken up an issue with regard to non-reduction of HRA/TA for the period declared as 'dies-non', since as per Govt. orders even for EOL, without pay for 6 months HRA is to be paid and even for attending one day duty. TA has to be paid in full. However, even after a period of 2 years, PC of A(fys.) has not issued any clarification. PC of A(fys.) may arrange to issue necessary Clarifications in this regard.
OFB have issued instructions to OFDun for implementing the CAT Judgment for inclusion of HRA, TA etc, while computing OT wages under the Factories Act. While NIEs were given the benefits, so far as the IEs are concerned, the LAO of OFDun has referred the matter to the Pay-Tech Section of RFI and to PC of A(fys.). Since it's a court matter, PC of A(fys.) may immediately settle the matter.
With regard to LDCE for CM, the notification may be issued without further delay. Hon'ble Supreme Court, in the case of OFDun and OLF Dun employees, has directed that the engineering diploma/degree granted by IGNOU is recognized for employment in Central Govt. The same may be implemented by issuing necessary instructions.

The pending issues such as Piece Work correlation in 7th CPC, Examiner Incentive, DOT to Piece workers and all cadre restructuring proposals may be expedited for an earlier settlement.
AFK may be instructed to provide comnet connection to the Central office of AIDEF located at Khadki, Pune, since hard copies of various instructions are not being forwarded to the Central office of AIDEF. Till the time comnet connection is given, hard copies of all the instructions published by OFB may please be forwarded to the central office of the Federations.

For implementing the direction of Hon'ble High Court Madras in the case of HVF, DDG/IR may kindly arrange a separate meeting with the Federations so that an unanimous decision can be taken to implement the Judgment for conducting membership verification etc.

The employees who are deployed for training from OEF Grp. Of Factories to other Factories, no decision is yet taken for further deployment of theirs. This is agitating the minds of the concerned employees. Therefore a decision may be taken in this regard considering the present situation of workload of OEF Gp. of Factories.

Due to an instruction issued by WV&E Div., employees against whom disciplinary action is proposed, such employees are debarred from OT till the disciplinary proceedings are completed. Due to this decision, employees are deprived of the OT for years together even though OT has got nothing to do with disciplinary action and OT is given based on the performance and the work requirements. Any financial loss imposed on the workers is also a punishment. Therefore, dual punishment cannot be imposed on the employees. This decision of WV&E div. requires review and the same may please be withdrawn.

In the past, if any GM forward any complaint against any Trade Union Leader/recommends for transfer to other Factories, DDG/IR or Member/Per used to call the senior leaders of the concerned Federations and settle the matter. However, of late, it is noticed that without giving any notice to the concerned Trade Union Leader or to the concerned Federation, Trade Union Leaders are being transferred on public interest. This is not a healthy situation. OFB should not be vindictive towards Trade Union representatives. Recently, one such transfer of an IE, who is a JCM IV Level Member, has been effected by OFB from CFA to OFI. The same may please be reconsidered.

Employees who have already passed DGOF Electrical Competency test should not be subjected to Trade test, since in the Competency test itself both oral and practical test is held.
Employees of Electrical trades who are in possession of Diploma in Electrical Engineering/Degree in Electrical Engineering/DGOF Electrical Supervisory Competency Certificate should be exempted from DGOF Electrical Competency test for further promotion in the Industrial Cadre.
DGOF Competency certificate may be issued without delay by OFB. The specific cases of SAF and FGK were pointed out.

The local Accounts authorities are rejecting various medical items as in- admissible and due to this a large amount is recovered from the employees even thoughthey have paid the amount to the hospitals. OFB may kindly issue a consolidated instruction on the various admissible items for medical reimbursement.

The seniority dispute of Industrial Employees of OF Dum Dum and OF Korwa referred toOFB may be settled.

The MACP issue of Medical assistants of all factories and Lab technician of AFK maybe settled.

Comments and the decision taken on the common agenda points is enclosed as Annexure-I of this Special Circular.

With Greetings, 
Yours Comradely,
General Secretary

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