Guidelines for transfer to regulate transfers of Group ‘C’ Officials

F No. 141-141/2013 – SPB-II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Personnel Division

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
Dated: – July 31 ,2018

All Chief Postmasters General,

Subject: – Guidelines for transfer to regulate transfers of Group ‘C’ Officials, Group ‘B’ (non-gazetted) for officials and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (Group ‘B’ Gazetted).


I am directed to forward herewith the revised Guidelines for Transfer to regulate Transfer of Group ‘C’ Officials Group ‘B’ (non-gazetted) for officials and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (Group ‘B’ Gazetted).These guidelines will supersede earlier guidelines circulated with communication no. 141-141/2013-SPB-II dated 31.01.2014.

2.With a view to promote transparency a number of new provisions have been incorporated in these new guidelines. Circles are requested to sensitise all concerned for strictly adhering to these provisions.

3.These guidelines come into force with immediate effect.

4.Circles are further requested to bring these guidelines to the notice of all Regional Postmaster Generals/ Divisional Heads.

Encl.: As above

Yours faithfully
(Satya Narayana Dash )
Assistant Director General (SPN)

F. No. 141 -141/2013 – SPB-II

Guidelines for Transfer
1. Applicability: –

These guidelines shall be applicable to the following: –

i. Group ‘C’ officials

ii. Group ‘B’ (non-gazetted) officials

iii. Assistant Superintendent of Posts (Group’B’ Gazetted)

2. Operation of Rule 37 of Postal Manual Volume IV: –

Notwithstanding anything contained in these guidelines an official is liable to be transferred to any part of India unless it is expressly ordered otherwise for any particular class or classes of officials.

Provided that Postmen, Village Postman and MTS should not, except for very special reasons to be recorded in writing, be transferred from one Division to another.

3. Transfer at one’s own request under Rule 38 of Postal Manual Volume IV: –

A. General Conditions: –

(i) As a general rule, no official shall be transferred from one unit to another, either within the same Circle, or to another Circle unless he has completed probation period satisfactorily.

(ii) Transfer of an official when requested for own convenience, shall not be discouraged if they can be made without adversely affecting to the rights of others

(iii) As it is not possible to accommodate an official borne on one gradation list into another gradation list without adversely affecting to the interest of other members in that gradation list, such transfers shall not ordinarily be allowed except by way of mutual exchange. Transfer by way of mutual exchange may be allowed if all other conditions of these guidelines are fulfilled. But in order to safeguard the rights of employees borne in the gradation lists of both the offices, the official brought in shall take the place, in the new gradation list; that would have been assigned to him had he been originally recruited in that unit or the place vacated by the official with whom he exchanges appointment, whichever is the lower.

(iv) When an official is transferred at his own request but without arranging for mutual exchange, he shall rank junior in the gradation list of the new unit to all officials of that unit on the date on which the transfer order is issued, including also all persons who have been approved for appointment to that grades as on that date.


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