7th Pay Commission: This factor comes as a good news to 50 lakh employees waiting for pay scale, fitment factor hike

 But as days passed, everything turned bleak when it was revealed that government has included many issues in 7CPC but not the minimum pay scale and fitment factor.

Each day there is something new happening in 7th Pay Commission. 7CPC have stolen the limelight for more than two years, especially in regards to 50 lakh central government employees who have been waiting for some good news in their minimum pay scale and fitment factor. These employees have seen some ups and downs, as there were first reports that mentioned the NDA government is seriously looking in the pay scale and fitment factor issue beyond 7CPC, even there were news which stated the promises made by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. But as days passed, everything turned bleak when it was revealed that government has included many issues in 7CPC but not the minimum pay scale and fitment factor.

However, looks like once again a ray of hope as hit headline for these central government employees.

The Minister of State for Finance P. Radhakrishnan in Lok Sabha had said that the Prime Minister's Narendra Modi government is not planning to give any hike in minimum basic salary beyond the recommendations of the seventh pay commission, reported by DNA.

But looking at  strong quarterly growth numbers of Indian economy and the fact that NDA government is at edge of 2019 elections, employees are once again hoeful that their much-awaited demand would be fulfilled.

India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers surpassed analysts estimates during fourth quarter ended of FY18 (Q4FY18) with a growth rate of 7.7% which is at 18-month high. With this robust performance, India has become one of the fastest growing economy globally, and not to forget such outcome comes as a feather in Narendra Modi government’s crown who were blamed to hamper economy due to their demonetisation drive and launch of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Reportedly, besides the quarterly figures the employees are also optimistic of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's promise. FM Jaitley on June 30 in 2016 promised to hike their pay beyond the recommendations of 7th Commission.

Experts also belive that 2019's general elections would also force the Central government to fulfil the demands of 50 lakh employees, added the DNA report.

Meanwhile, central government employees want fitment factor of 3.68 times with minimum pay scale of Rs 26,000. This is after the Union Cabinet revised their minimum pay to Rs 18,000 from previous Rs 7,000 per month, along with fitment factor of 2.57 in June 2016 leading to a major hike in all central government employees salaries.

It was known that, the government may hike minimum pay to Rs 21,000 and fitment factor to 3.00 times. However, the NDA government at centre claimed that they are not really looking to hike minimum pay beyond the recommendations provided in the 7th CPC report.

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