There would be some visible changes in the NPS-NC JCM LETTER

National Council (Staff Side) 
Joint Consultative Machinery 
for Central Government Employees 
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001 

Dated: April 10, 2018 
The General Secretaries,
All Constituents Organizations of the JCM(Staff Side)

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Brief of the meetings held between the Staff Side(JCM) and Official Side

Met yesterday, i.e. on 9th April, 2018, with the Secretary(DoP&T), Government of India, Dr. C. Chandramauli, who joined recently, and requested him for holding meetings of the Standing Committee of the NC/JCM and National Anomalies Committee at an earliest. He has promised for the same.

Today, i.e. on 10th April, 2018, met the Cabinet Secretary, Government of India, and handed him over a copy of the enclosed letter.

He said that, the issue of the NPS is under finalization and Secretary(Pension), Government of India, had very recently given presentation. He further said that, there would be some visible changes in the NPS.

On the issue of Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula he once again mentioned that it depends totally on the political call.

So far the issue of non-holding of meetings of the National Council(JCM) is concerned, he said that he would try to hold this meeting very shortly.

This is for your information.

Yours faithfully
(Shiv Gopal Mishra)

Source: ncjcmstaffside.com

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