Revised Pay Scales and Model Recruitment Rules for various OL cadre posts in KVS

F.6-1/2001-KVS(Admin-I) Vol-II

     Dated: 19.02.2018


The Board of Governors, KVS in its 96’h meeting held on 28.012014, while considering the agenda on adoption of Revised Model Recruitment Rules/ Pay Scales for various official language (OL) cadre posts in KVS according to DOPT, Govt- of India OM No. AB- 14017/46/2011-Estt (RR) dated 19.09.2013 had, inter-alia, decided as under: –
“The Board approved the Model Recruitment Rules and the pay scales ordered in the OM No. AB 14017/46/2011-Estt.(RR) dated oy GOI, Ministry of Personnel. PG & Pensions, DOPT with the direction that the revised pay scales would be given prospectively only to those OL cadre posts incumbents of KVS who fulfil the eligibility conditions of Model RRs. It was also decided to obtain the approval Of MRHD in this matter.

2. Thereafter a detailed proposal seeking approval of the Ministry of HRD was submitted by KVS vide KVS letter of even number dated 24.02.2014.

3. After detailed examination of the proposal of KVS, the Ministry of HRD vide their letter No. F. 3-5/2014-UT.2 dated 04.01.2018 has conveyed the approval of the competent authority for adoption of Model Recruitment Rules for the various Official Language cadre posts in KVS w.e.f. 28.01.2014 with the condition that officials presently working in Kendiriya Vidyalaya Sangathan would not become automatically eligible for modified scales but only after adoption or RRs and applicability in respect of existing officials would happen, if they are eligible as per the conditions oi eligibility of Model Recruitment Rules.

4. Pursuant to the above approval of the Ministry of HRD, the Commissioner, Kendiriya Vidyalaya Sangathan vide KVS office order dated 22.01.2018 constituted a committee under the Chairpersonship of Joint Commissioner (Administration), KVS to verify the eligibility of each incumbent to various Official Language cadre posts in KVS.

5. The committee examined the documents of all the employees from their service records and, in its meeting held on 08.02.2018, found all the existing employees of KVS eligible as per the Model Recruitment Rules. The committee submitted its recommendations on 09.02.2018.

6. Accordingly, approval of the Ministry of HRD is hereby conveyed for the adoption Of the revised Model Recruitment Rules and revised pay structure for various Official language cadre posts in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan as under : –

7. The designation of the Official Language cadre posts in KVS also stands modified accordingly as mentioned Para 6 above.

This issues with the approval of Commissioner, KVS.

(Dr. Shachit Kant)
Joint Commissioner (Pers)


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