Payment of Conveyance Allowance to Medical Officers under CGHS for Domiciliary visits

Z 15025/DIR/CGHS/Conveyance/JACS/2017/74452
Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS
Office or the Director, CGHS

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi 110 Off
Dated, the February, 2018

Subject:- Payment of Conveyance Allowance to Medical Officers under CGHS for Domiciliary visits- regarding

With reference to the above subject undersigned is to state that tie payment of Conveyance to CHS doctors (GDMOs and Specialists) working in CGHS Wellness Centres for domiciliary visits and performing Other official duties is governed by this Ministry 0M No. A-45012/03/2008 -CHS-V dated 28th April, 2009.

2. In this regard attention is drawn to the Circular No C. 14019 103/2013/CGHS-lll dated the 12th April, 2013 and 23rd October 2015 vide which certain instructions have been issued for claiming conveyance allowance for domiciliary visits to see patients by CGHS \doctors. In this regard the undersigned is directed to state that the matter has been by this Ministry, in response to the representations received from CGHS doctors and to State that it has now been decided, in supersession Of the earlier directives that for the conveyance allowance by CGHS doctors that the instructions as contained in the 0M No. A- 45012/03/2008 —CHS-V dated 28b April, 2009 shall be applicable and CGHS doctors shall submit a certificate as per Annexure ‘A’ enclosed) for claiming the conveyance

3. The instructions shall be applicable uniformly for CGHS Medical Officers regardless of their posting in a Wellness Centre or a Central Government Hospital or a medical

4. This issues with the approval of AS&DG,CGHS

Director. CGHS


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