Cases of promotion taking place in the pre-revised pay structure-RB


PC-VI No. 382

RBE No. 196/2017
No. PC-V 1/2015/IC/1
New Delhi, Dated - 29.12.2017

The General Managers/CAO(R)
All In dia Railways & Production Units,
(as per mailing list)

Sub: Cases of promotion taking place in the pre-revised pay structure between 1.1.2006 and the date of notification of RS(RP)RuIes, 2008 and the subsequent merger of the pre-revised pay scales of the promotional and the feeder posts in a common Grade- fixation of pay-Clarifications.

Ref: Railway Board’s letter no. PC-VI/2015/IC/1 dated 08.04.2016 (RBE No. 33/2016) & M/o Finance’s O.M. No. F-2-l/2015-E.III(A) dated 16.10.2015.

Certain doubts were received in this office regarding the admissibility of re-exercise of option and applicable cut off dates on Railways in respect of the instructions contained in Board‘s letter dated 08.04.20l6. The issue has been examined in consultation with the M/O Finance and following clarifications are issued:-

(i) Cut-off date:- it is clarified that since the Railway Service (Revised Pay) Rules.2008 were notified on 04.09.2008. promotions taking place between 01.0l.06 to 04.09.08 would be covered;

(ii) Re-exercise of option to switch over to the Revised pay structure (V1th CPC):-

On the issue of permission for re-exercise of option. it is clarified that since the issue of change in option is not covered in the OM No. F-2-l/2015-EIIIA dated 16.l0.201 5 issued by the M/o Finance. as such the question of admissibility of fresh option does not arise and moreover, since the benefit given in the OM dated 16/10/2015 was special dispensation. It may not be appropriate to consider any further dispensation.

(S. Balachandra Iiver)
Executive Director/Pay Commission-II
Railway Board.

Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/view_section.jsp?id=0,1,304,366,390,415

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