7th Pay Commission: Central Government Employees Must Avoid Rumours, Government Not Even Thinking of Pay Hike

The employees are also planning on meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise their issue with him.

New Delhi, December 12: Almost after 18 months of delay the Union Cabinet had shown no remorse over the delay in minimum wage hike and the 7th Pay Commission has done nothing but but sour the relationship between the government and its employees.

With no minimum pay hike coming their way the employees are locked in a huge face off with the government.

After assuring a pay hike 16 months back, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has not lived up to his promise which has made the matter more worse. Now the government said that the pay hike and fitment factor is not an anomaly and hence it will won’t come under the purview of the National Anomaly Committee.

Since the last couple of months, the employees are getting more and more frustrated and there is no sign of pay hike coming their way. They feel that the government is coming up with excuses either to delay the pay hike or not to increase the minimum wage at all.

The government employees have also threatened to launch a nationwide agitation in this regard. Now the only hope for the central government employees lies within the high-level committee.

The government also said that a committee would be set up to study the grievances, but in reality, there is absolutely no confirmation on the same. Rumours just started floating that a high-level committee and the government is not taking things seriously which has further irked the government.

The employees are also planning on meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise their issue with him.

“We have faith in Prime Minister’s office, we have faith in PM Modi. We are sure that in order to maintain good industrial relations in the country, PM Modi will find an alternate solution,” Shiv Gopal Mishra, NJCA convenor said to India.com.

The employees are also planning on to meet Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to get their work done.

Some reports suggest that PM Modi could be of help, others, however, point out if the Finance Ministry itself is not serious at all, then there is not much that PM Modi could do about it. AS Prime Minister of India always takes advise from Finance Ministry on such matters.

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