Review of the progress made by Defence Establishments for revision of Pension/Family Pension of pre-2016 Central Civil Pensioners.

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AT/V/DAD/ 15101/Circular/2017

Dated: 22.11.2017


All PCsDA/PCA(Fys)/ CsDA

Sub: Review of the progress made by Defence Establishments for revision of Pension/Family Pension of pre-2016 Central Civil Pensioners.

A review meeting was held on 01st November 2017 under chairmanship of Defence Secretary regarding subject mentioned above, wherein following decisions were taken:-

i. All HoDs have to ensure completion of 80% of pension cases by 31.12.2017 and 100% cases by 31.03.2018.

ii. HoDs shall prescribe weekly targets for the HOOs for preparation and submission of pension revision cases to PCsDA/PCA(Fys)/ CsDA. Similar targets are to be prescribed by CGDA to the PCsDA/PCA(Fys)/ CsDA for disposal of cases received from the HOOs. The progress made thereof to be reviewed by HoDs/CGDA every fortnight.

iii FADS will assess the functioning of the office of the PCDA (Pension), Allahabad in so far as it relates to dealing of pension revision cases and take steps for improving its capacity to handle higher volumes of cases.

iv. CGDA to issue clarification to PCsDA/PCA(Fys)/ CsDA about their role in vetting/ scrutiny/ audit of the LPC-Cum-Data Sheet, prescribe checklist of documents/action required with proposals received from HOOs, and specify the stepwise action( with timelines)

3. In this context, please refer to PCDA (P) Circular No. 175 vide which action regarding vetting & submission of LPC Cum Data Sheet has already been clarified by PCDA (P), Allahabad.

4. Action may kindly be taken to complete the task within stipulated period of time as per direction received from MoD.

Jt.CGDA (Pen.) has seen.

Krishan Kumar


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