Cheer for CG employees, while TN staff to suffer 1 lakh loss

 There was a great deal of disappointment when the National Anomaly Committee meet was postponed. The meeting was originally scheduled to be held on October 7. In another development, there is a lot of resentment brewing in Tamil Nadu.They say that the government has failed to apply the recommendations of the pay panel with retrospective effect.

Latest news on NAC decision 

The government has made it clear that the fitment factor be risen to 3 times and for now it cannot go beyond that. With the government indicating that it has the funds to rise the basic minimum pay, the NAC meeting will vote in majority of what the government wants. While not many would be happy with the pay hike of Rs 21,000, sources in the government say that for now that would be the amount and over the next year or so the pay would vary.

 Latest update on NAC meet 

CG employees and pensioners were eagerly waiting for the NAC meet to take place. It was scheduled to be held on October 7. However there were some deliberations and discussions that were pending and hence the meeting was postponed.

 Latest news on fitment factor

 Moreover the decision to raise the fitment factor from 2.57 to 3 times was being discussed. If the fitment factor is raised to 3 times then the pay would go up from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000. However many employees were hoping that the pay is hiked to Rs 26,000.

7th Pay Commission frustration in TN 

While there is good news on its way for lakhs of CG employees, the mood is not the same in Tamil Nadu. The 7th Pay Commission recommendations were recently approved by the state government. While there was some cher all employees say that it should have been made applicable 2016, but it was implemented from October 1 2017. Secondary grade teachers were to be granted a minimum salary of Rs 9300 and a maximum of Rs 34,800, with a grade pay of Rs 4200. But the TN government has granted a minimum of only Rs 5200 and a maximum of only Rs 20,000 with a grade pay of Rs 2400. As these pay anomalies have not been rectified, employees will suffer a loss of between Rs 48000 and Rs 1 lakh per year. OneIndia News

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