No. Confdn/Civil Accounts/2016-19                                                                    Dated- 14.05.2017


Department of  Expenditure
Ministry of Finance, Govt of India’
North Block, New Delhi-110001.


Sub:-   Denial of legitimate Foreign service trade union facility to the Chief Executive of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, and unhelpful attitude of the Civil Accounts authorities in settling the genuine grievances faced by the employees and officers.

                   As  you are aware, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association is an Association recognised by Government of India under the provisions of CCS (RSA) Rules 1993.  As per the request of the Association, Secretary General of the Association Shri Vrigu Bhattacharjee who is also Member, National Council JCM, had been relieved by the office of the Principal CCA, CBEC for deputation to Foreign Service from 31st January 2014 onwards, a facility available to the main office bearers of recognised Associations.

                   On 28th March 2017, the office of the Principal CCA, CBEC had issued an order, unilaterally withdrawing the Foreign Service facilities granted to Sri Vrigu Bhattacharjee,  Secretary General, without even taking any consent of the CGA and directed the President of the Association to relieve Shri. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General for reporting to office as he had crossed three years deputation period in January 2017.

                   As per the DOP & T’s clarificatory order, the Foreign service facility granted to the office bearers of the Recognised Associations can be extended by the concerned Administrative department itself, without referring it to DOP &T for approval. When the Association brought it to the notice of the authorities, the Pr.CCA changed its original stand and directed the President on 26-04-2017 to relieve Shri. V. Bhattacharjee on '' Administrative grounds''. The President of the Association wrote to the Pr. CCA requesting to allow continuation of uninterrupted Foreign service facility to Shri. V.Bhattacharjee till the next
All India Conference of the Association, which is now scheduled to be held on October 10th to 13th 2017. But the Pr. CCA did not take any action.

                   Aggrieved by the above negative stand taken by the Pr. CCA, the President of the Association took up the matter with CGA requesting intervention. The CGA  without giving any concrete direction simply forwarded the letter of the President to Pr. CCA with the  following comments:
                   "Since Sri V.Bhattaharjee, Accountant, is on the strength of your office, it is requested that necessary action in this regard may be taken as per extant Rules. This issues with the approval of Joint Controller General of Accounts''.
                   As the Pr. CCA did not taken any action on CGAs' request, the President wrote three more times to the CGA for intervention, Everytime CGA forwarded the letters of the President to Pr. CCA with the same comments as above.

                   From the above, it is clear that CGA is not ready to intervene in the case, but simply left the case to the discretion of Pr. CCA, to take decision. Pr. CCA has already taken a decision to withdraw the foreign service facilities and it is for reviewing that decision the Association has represented to CGA.  We are at a loss to understand, why instead of taking a decision at CGA level the case is forwarded to the same authority (Pr. CCA) for taking decision.  This has resulted in an embarrassing situation.

                   It is also reported that office of Pr. CCA CBDT has vindictively transferred Shri. Naresh Khatri, Accountant, Zonal Accounts Office, CBDT Ahmedabad, who is also the Asst. Secretary General of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, in violation of the guidelines on transfer of union office bearers.

                   There are other issues also which are agitating the minds of the Civil Accounts employees and officers.  The Associations representing the employees and officers have been conducting peaceful agitational programmes for redressal of their grievances, mentioned in the charter of demands submitted to the authorities.

                   In view of the above, I request your immediate intervention to ensure justice and fair play.  Necessary instructions may please be issued to the Civil Accounts Authorities to

(1)     grant uninterrupted Foreign Service facilities to Shri.V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General of All India Civil Accounts Association, following the Govt. of India Rules and procedures in respect of the Foreign Service facility to Recognised Service Associations.
(2)     to stop harassment of National level office bearers of the Recognition Association by transferring from their head quarters for legitimate trade union activities.
(3)     to take immediate necessary action to settle the genuine grievances of the employees and officers through negotiation without precipitating the issues further.

A line in reply from your end will be highly appreciated.      

Yours faithfully,

M. Krishnan
Secretary General &
Member, Standing Committee
National Council JCM
Mob & Whatsapp: 09447068125
Email: mkrishnan6854@gmail.com

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