7th Pay Commission: January salary of Central Govt employees set to rise

Minimum pay hike may rise to Rs 21,000 from the current Rs 18,000.

Three times rise in fitment factor is expected in the new pay hike.

Month of January 2018 may bring higher salaries for central government employees who are likely to receive a new pay hike.

“The government is planning to hike the basic salaries over 7th Pay Commission recommendations. If the cabinet gives the nod in this regard, it will be effected January 2018,” an official was quoted by The Sen Times in a report on Monday.

Further the official added, “The fitment factor for basic pay will be raised to 3.00 times from 2.57 times as approved by the Cabinet on January 29.”

Zeebiz had earlier done a report speculating rise in fitment factor by three times pushing minimum pay to Rs 21,000 from the current Rs 18,000.

Salary and pension for all central government employees is also expected to increase the official added.

In June this year, the government approved the 7th Pay Commission recommendations for central government employees. This increased minimum pay to Rs 18,000 from earlier Rs 7,000.

However, the central government employees unions were demanding the rise in minimum pay to Rs 26,000 and raising fitment formula to 3.68.

“The minimum pay of central government employees Rs 18,000 was made on recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. But government will consider hiking it after discussions with all stakeholders,” Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley said in a meeting to discuss 7th Pay recommendations on July 26.


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