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Sub: – Cabinet decision on 3rd May 2017 related 7th CPC – Reg  Another gimmick by the Modi Government

Dear Comrades,

A press communiqué was issued by Ministry of Finance on 3rd May 2017 with a caption “Cabinet approves modification in the 7th CPC recommendations on pay and pensionary benefits.” Copy of the said communiqué is attached.

But in the said communiqué nowhere it was mentioned about any modifications in the recommendations on pay. It contains only two subjects, Revision of pensioners of pre – 2016 pensioners and family pensioners and Disability Pension for Defence Pensioners. The communiqué is left with half information with regards to pre 2016 pensioners as it was not clarified how the pension is going to regulate.

The attempt of the Government is to create confusion among the Central Government Employees in general and the Public at large, as the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers has been announced its next course of action to hold dharna in front of the house of Finance Minister Arun Jaitely’s New Delhi on 23rd May 2017.

We can also expect statements from the so called NJCA leadership to congratulate the Government and may even claim because of their effort only the Cabinet too decision on pre – 2016 pensioners (or inaction?).

Beware of such leaders and the Government’s attitude and ensure grand success of the Dharna on 23rd May 2017 at Delhi and in all units as per the call from Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers. Be ready for Dharna

With fraternal Greetings

Comradely yours

(Jayaraj KV)
Secretary General

Source : nfaeehq.blogspot.in

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