7th Pay Commission: PM Modi wants employees to get higher allowances, arrears soon

 The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will personally intervene to look into the issue of arrears and allowances as per the recommendations made by the 7th Pay Commission. The PM would wait for the suggestions made by the Empowered Committee of Secretaries

 Modi won't let down employees

 For the 52 lakh central government employees, they see a last hope in Modi. They say that he is particular about good governance and for that the employees need to be happy. If their demands on higher allowances and arrears are not met soon, then the employees would be unhappy and this could affect governance. Sources tell OneIndia that the PM himself will take an interest in the matter and will have the issue resolved soon.

 Modi wants no delay 

The PM is currently busy with several engagements. He however would spend time on the issues being faced by the employees, sources also say. He would wait for the report of the E-CoS. Following this the same would be placed before the Union Cabinet. Modi himself would take a call on the matter. The source also added that the government is of the view that even if handing out higher allowances and arrears will put some pressure on the exchequer, it would still be worth it. Modi has communicated several times to the Finance Ministry that he does not want to see the central government employees unhappy.

 Lavasa recommendations favourable 

The Ashok Lavasa committee constituted last year to study the 7th Pay Commission recommendations on allowances, submitted its report on April 28 this year. In his report he is said have to given a favourable recommendation for the central government employees. Currently the issue being looked into by the E-CoS.

 Last hope is Modi 

Even the National Joint Council of Action, a joint body of Union of Central Government employees feel that Modi is the last hope. They are confident that he will not let them down. Shiv Gopal Mishra, the NJCA chief said, "We will approach Prime Minister Narendra Modi if our demands on higher allowances are not met. He too is of the opinion that Modi would not let the central government employees down at any cost.

What Finance Ministry said 

The Finance Ministry in a statement said, "Modifications have been suggested in some allowances which are applicable universally to all central government employees as well as certain other allowances which apply to specific employee categories such as railwaymen, scientists, defence forces personnel, postal employees, doctors, nurses and many more".

The 7th Pay Commission examined 196 existing allowances after which it recommended the abolition of 51 and subsuming of 37 other allowances with the existing ones.

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