5 Days week & Compensation for Extra work for bank Employees – Demand of 11th BPS

Five Day week is already available in the international banking system. It is also available in our country in RBI, Central and State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings and Private Sector MNCs and IT Sector. Hence, it should be introduced immediately in the entire banking industry.

The working hours should not exceed 36.5 hours in a week. The daily working hours should not be more than 6.5 hours in the normal course.

Any working hours, more than 7 hours a day, should be compensated monetarily to the extent of twice the actual hourly salary in the normal course. This should be uniform for the Banking Industry as the Govt directs banks to work late or on holidays often and we follow their directions but compensation varies between Banks.

They should also be made eligible to take weekly off to the extent of additional hours of duty rendered by them as rest is needed for recuperation.

The Officers who are called upon to work on weekly-off days and holidays, should be compensated as above and in addition be permitted a compensatory off on a date convenient to them and such weekly offs be credited to the leave account.

Need to have uniform holidays to the officers in the Grid, as the holidays are declared by RBI, substantially less no of holiday is extended to the officers.

Source : banknewskumar.blogspot.in

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