Clarification by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) regarding media reports.

Media reports stating data stored online about corrupt officials was lost or deleted is totally misleading and incorrect
The Central Vigilance Commission has noticed that certain sections of the media have reported that “the hard disc of the CVC portal has crashed and all data stored online till that date has been lost.”
            The Central Vigilance Commission considering all such reports appearing in the media issues the following clarifications for information of the public and all stakeholders:
o   The media reports stating that the data stored online about corrupt officials was lost or deleted is totally misleading and incorrect.

o   The Commission would clarify that it has not lost any data of corrupt officers or any such information of matters relating to its Core Anti-Corruption activities and its vital functions.

o   With regard to its portal which handles complaints, the Commission was in the process of switching over from an older portal to one utilising cloud based server for some time since 2016. The new such online portal developed has been made operational since November, 2016 and is fully functional for citizens/public to lodge complaint of corruption in respect of public servants to the commission. However, migration of earlier data from the physical server to a cloud based storage application is taking some more time and hence, the status of action taken on earlier complaints is not available online at present.

o   The commission would like to further clarify that the complete data/ and related information of all actionable complaints is available in files and records with the commission.


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