All central government employees know that children education allowance was introduced by the Sixth CPC to give financial assist for employees. This scheme brings happiness in employees side.

Future India depends on children if they are all well educated only then strongest India is possible.Future India will be a developed country only if there is an increase in the percentage of literates.

CHILDREN EDUCATION ALLOWANCE was implemented on.01/08/2008. Fewer children from the date enjoyed this allowance, but every year it is going on increasing. After few more years, those children who studied with the help of CEA will be numerous at the same time parents i.e. central government employees must share about this and its benefits to children to realize the help of central government.

It will create more courtesy for the central government among children. This should be embraced by all central government employees. CEA was given to two children; if the second delivery results twins mean three children will get CEA but after two children one who has gone for a vasectomy to control childbirth if it fails the third child also eligible for cea.

Now 7th CPC recommended rs.2250 per month for once child. The government has also accepted that recommendation. Even though after high-level committee reviews only on all allowances it will come into effect. In another hand whenever da crosses fifty percent automatically CEA will increase by 25% .

One of the highlights in 7th CPC is no need to submit all the bills of books, shoes, etc to claim the allowance.., A bonafide certificate from the school is enough to get CEA..

Changes can never be changed. Some more alterations will make the cea more attractive.

1-A  Bonafide certificate from the school is enough up to 12th standard. No need to produce certificate every year until the child gets migrated to another school.

2- Declaration form from employees to receive cea every year.

3-Donot give the same cea from the first standard to 12th standard. There will be a lot of difference in fees structure.

So give CEA in three stages

4- Include children education allowance in the monthly wages of the employees. It will not give more workload. Hence keep nil/ one child /two children /special case /disability in records.

5- For single female child CEA should be doubled and eligibility up to graduation.

6-Severe disability children CEA should be 10000 per month; as home tuition is more expensive.

If the central government implement all these modifications definitely children education allowance will be a glittering allowance.At the same time employees can also give their full support and solidarity to the central government in all the matters.

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