7th Pay Commission: A look on all allowances and demand of central government employees

Reports claim that the financial implication of the revised allowances will be within the Central Pay Commission’s estimate of around Rs. 29,300 crores. In the first year it shall also reportedly include the railways. Due to the demonetisation move and the extra taxes the people had to pay under the income disclosure schemes, the Government has a kind of safety valve.

In this background, 7th CPC recommendations on all Allowances and demand of Staff Side (Confederation / NJCA) in respect to these Allowances have been revisited and a brief on the same is as follows.

Out of 196 types of Allowances taken for consideration by 7th Pay Commission,
12 allowances pertaining to running staff of Railways were not included as Railways wanted to consider the same based on bi-lateral discussions

52 allowances have been proposed to be abolished

36 allowances have either been subsumed in to existing allowances or proposed as new one.

12 Allowances have been proposed to be retained as such with out any change.

Remaining Allowances have been retained but with some changes.

The HRA has been raised to 30 per cent opposed to the recommendation of the CPC of 24 per cent.

A grievance hearing has been set up by the Anomaly Committee to listen to the grievances of the Defence personnel.

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