Implementation of 7th Pay Commission : FAQ on pay fixation under CCS(RP) Rules 2016

CGDA, Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt- 110010

AN/XlV/14142/Seventh cpc/Vol-l
Dated: 08.09.2016
PC of A (Fys) Kolkata / PlFA/IFAs
CFA(Fys) Kolkata /JCDA(AF) Nagpur

Subject: Implementation of Seventh Central Pay Commission.

Of late , this office is receiving queries regarding pay fixation under CCS(RP) Rules 2016.

2. To avoid reference to this HQrs resulting in delayed action on account of fixation of pay , clarification to frequently asked questions by various controllers is placed below in tabular form for perusal and taking necessary action.

Query raised
Clarification w.r.t. CCS(RP) Rules, 2016
(i) Whether option to opt 
from 07/2016 (date of next 
increment) in cases where 
there is no promotion/
upgradation between 
01/01/2016 to 30/06/2016 
as the same has not been
 provided under Tulip.
(i)As regards opting from the date of
 increment (07/2016), reference is 
invited to Rule 5 and Rule 11 of
 CCS(RP) Rules 2016 which stipulates 
that a government servant may elect
 to continue to draw pay in the 
existing pay structure until the 
date on which he earns his next
 or any subsequent increment in
 the existing pay structure or 
until he vacates his post or 
ceases to draw pay in the existing 
pay structure. This implies that in
 cases where there is no promotion/
 between 01/01/2016 to 30/06/2016 
option to opt from 07/2016 thereby 
forgoing the arrears from 01/01/2016
 to 30/06/2016 in addition to opting
 from 01/01/2016. Further, a 
servant who continues to draw his pay 
in the existing pay structure is brought 
over to the revised pay structure from 
a date later that 1st day of January 2016,
 his pay in the revised pay structure 
shall be fixed in the manner prescribed
 in accordance with clause (A) of 
sub rule (1) of rule 7’.

Tulip does not provide 
for contributing their 
entire arrear into GPF
It is clarified that Seventh Pay
 Commission does not lay down
 any provision for contributing 
entire GPF or part thereof into 
GPF account. Para 7 of Min. of 
Finance OM dated 29.07.2016 is 
self explanatory on issue.

Option to opt from Date of next increment (07/2016) 
in respect of cases related to promotion/MACP is not 
provided under Tulip.
As regards exercising option for 
seventh CPC from 07/2016 i.e on 
accrual of next increment in
of cases who have been 
promoted/upgraded between
01.01.2016 and 30.06.2016 is 
concerned, Para 13 and Para 5 
of CCS(RP) Rules 2016 may be 
referred which clearly states 
that in respect of the above 
cases, a government servant 
may elect to switch over the 
revised pay structure from the 
date of such promotion or 
upgradation implying that 
the option to switch over to 
the revised pay structure from 
07/2016 is not available. 
Provision of para 15 of Min.
 of Finance Gazette notification
 dated 25.07.2016 may also 
be referred.

Methodology of pay fixation
and DNl thereon in respect
 of Officers/staff who got
 promotion IMACP between
02.01.2016 to 01.07.2016.
Methodology of pay fixation in 
respect of cases which involve
 promotion from one level to
 another on or after 1st J
anuary 2016 has been 
illustratively described 
under Para 13 of CCS(RP)
Rules 2016
Computation of DA on TPTA 
along with other allowances.
Computation of DA on Transport 
Allowance has been clearly 
explained under Para 3 and 
Para 4 of MoF, Dept. of Exp 
OM No. 1-5/2016-IC dated 
29.07.2016 reiterating that
all allowances (except DA) 
will be continued to be paid 
at the existing rates in 
existing pay structure as
if the pay had not been 
revised w.e.f. 01.01.2016
 till further orders.
Whether the option to get 
his pay fixed under 7th CPC
 on 1st January or 1st 
July depending upon the date of appointment promotion or 
grant of financial up gradation 
is equally applicable in respect
 of pre 01/01/2016 cases.
The provisions of CCS(RP) 
Rules 2016 will apply to 
cases (promotion, 
appointment etc) 
pertaining to the 
period after 01/01/2016.

3. This is for information and appropriate action under Rule.

(T.K. Jajoria)
Sr. Dy. CGDA(AN)

Source: www.cgda.nic.in

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