CGHS to treat non beneficiaries during dengue season, centre steps up interventions

The plan is to take healthcare to mohallas so that people do not go straight for hospitalisation.

As the dengue and chikungunya numbers spiral in the national capital, the latter surprising doctors and patients alike with 432 cases as compared to 64 in 2015, the central health ministry stepped up interventions on a war footing as decided in a cabinet secretary review meeting this week. Most importantly it was decided that all doctors at all CGHS centers shall provide consultation and primary outpatient medical care to all patients, even if they are non-CGHS beneficiary with symptoms of dengue and chikungunya, primarily high fever.

In a meeting held on September 1, the corporation bodies were rapped on their knuckles too, for poor data collection. For weeks as hospitals reported chikungunya cases pouring in, the number was not reflected in the MCDs data. Ministry officials said that the officers from all three MCDs and the New Delhi Municipal Council ?(NDMC) were present and were told that the problem of data must be solved. A previous weekly report by the MCD said that the were a total of 20 chikungunya cases reported in Delhi, at odds with the numbers the hospitals were reporting.

The now updated data with the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme shows 432 cases of chikungunya and 487 cases of dengue till August 31.

The meeting also decided to step up its awareness campaign. The ministry will carry out a “high intensity IEC campaign”. It will also “better” the fever clinics running in government hospitals and dispensaries. The plan is to take healthcare to mohallas so that people don’t go straight for hospitalisation, burdening the tertiary care centres of Delhi. Incidentally, this is the same model on which Delhi’s mohalla clinics are builts.

The worry is clearly chikungunya, non fatal yet debilitating, as Delhi does not have the virulent dengue strains of last year’s near epidemic. This is Den-3 strain is present in the city, according to the centre.


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