Implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC — Fitment Factor and Pay Fixation for Running Staff-NFIR

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affiliated to :
Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

No. IV/NFIR/7CPC(Imp)/2016/R.B.

Dated: 04/08/2016

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC — Fitment Factor and Pay Fixation for Running Staff-reg.

Ref: (i) NFIR’ s letter No. IV/NFIR/7CPC(Imp)/2016/R.B. dated 13/07/2016.
(ii) Board’s letter No. PC-VII/2016/RSRP/2 dated 02/08/2016 (RBE No.93/2016).

The Federation vide its letter dated 13/07/2016 requested the Railway Board that in view of 30% pay element of Running Staff needed to be taken for arriving at the “multiplier factor”, it was suggested to maintain the same at “3” instead of “2.57”. Federation is however disappointed to note that the Railway Board instead of following the simple procedure has complicated and mutilated the pay fixation formula/procedure of Running Staff as per illustration given in Annexure ‘C’ of Board’s letter No. PC-VII/2016/RSRP/2 dated 02/08/2016 (RBE No. 93/2016).

In this connection, the Federation brings to the notice of the Railway Board that in the Resolution circulated by the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide No. 12/2016-IC on 25th July 2016 in Para 12, it has been mentioned that in respect of Railway employees to whom Running Allowance is admissible, it will be ensured that the actual rise in pay at the time of initial fixation is about 14.29% as recommended by the Pay Commission. Federation feels sad to convey that the said decision of the Ministry of Finance has not been complied with by the Railway Ministry particularly in respect of Running Staff.

In case of Running Staff with Rs.1000/- Basic Pay, he will get Dearness Allowance Rs.1,625/-, thus, the total would be Rs.2,625/-. In terms of Gazette Para 12, minimum benefit 14.29% should be given to Running Staff. 14.29% of Rs.2,625/- is Rs.375/-. Thus Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance + Minimum Guaranteed Benefit = 1000 + 1625 + 375 = Rs.3,000/-. From this, it is clear that the Running Staff having Basic Pay of Rs.1000/- should be fixed at Rs.3000/-. But in the illustration given in RBE 93/2016, Running Staff with Basic Pay of Rs.19,930/- is fixed at Rs.58,694/-, which works out 12.19% which is clear violation of Para 12 of Gazette Notification.

In view of the above, the Annexure of Board’s letter dated 02/08/2016 is needed to be redrawn to ensure justice to the Running Staff. NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to consider the above points and issue modification immediately duly endorsing copy to the Federation.

Yours faithfully

General Secretary


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