Central Govt employees smile; Goa Govt employees starve

When the recommendation of the 4th Central Pay Commission of 1986, 5th CPC of 1996 and 6th CPC were promulgated by the Central Government, Govt. of Goa (which then was under Congress Rule) had promptly and simultaneously implemented those recommendations,

in absence of its own commission. It was done so to mitigate financial constraints of state workforce (both active and retired) caused by intensity of rising cost of living.

Lately, accepting the 7th CPC’s recommendations, the Central Government has passed resolutions to implement the same w.e.f. January 1, 2016 and pay the revised pay and pensions, along with arrears from August 2016.

In all fairness, therefore Goa Government ought to have taken similar action in larger interest of its employees. Despite this by his own statement in recent session of the Assembly, Hon. CM Laxmikant Parsekar has confirmed that local Government has already accepted the recommendations of the 7th CPC and also decided to issue necessary notifications around Chaturthi i.e. in September 2016 with a rider that salaries/pensions at the revised rates would be paid in November 2016.

Why a delay of four months when the same CM has time and again stated that the financial status of the State is quite sound and that adequate provisions are likewise made in the current budget to meet the resultant liability by 7th CPC (lest there is a hidden agenda)?

Whether it is pay or pension, they are hard earned, legitimate and matured claims to be honored on priority to uphold morale and efficiency of the workforce, by providing them timely economic support.

As regards pensioners, it is more so because being citizens in advance age with meagre income need more financial, medical and personal assistance, etc. and therefore monthly delay in their case everyday is a day of funeral of one or other senior citizen pensioner. Therefore delay in payment of such of their crystallized claims, accrued and due, as casually dealt with by Hon. CM is a cruel joke by the BJP government which is now in office and everyday boasting of welfare schemes.

In the context, fact cannot be lost sight of that Goa Government has a workforce, both active and retired, in vicinity of one Lakh or so i.e. one lakh families quite capable of tilting the fate of any government in office since Goa is a state in miniature. People believe that by grace of God wisdom will prevail on Goa government for wanting action in implementation of the 7th CPC recommendations in all earnestness.

Read at http://www.heraldgoa.in/Goa/Citizen-Herald/Central-Govt-employees-smile-Goa-Govt-employees-starve/105685.html

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