DOPPW stand against implementation of 100% parity in pension (recommendation by 7th CPC- BPS Appeals to Cab. Secy.


NO SG/BPS/7thPC/016/09
Dated 01 .06.2016


The Secretary,

Govt. of India M/O Personnel.PG and Pensions-DOP &PW
(For the kind attention of Sh Chirravuri ViswanathIAS)


Bharat Pensioners Samaj is deeply shocked to know that the Department of Pensionis opposed to the first option recommended by the 7th CPC to bring about the parity with the past pensioners and considers it to be infeasible and impracticable (due to the non-availability of the requisite records)

It is hard to believe how a department meant for the welfare of pensioners which helped pensioners to get better deal in earlier pay commissions could arrive at such a damaging decision without even consulting the stake holders.

Sir.Service record is a permanent one and if it to be destroyed, proper permission from the Competent Authority is to be obtained. In any case. service record can always be reconstructed taking the details from various sources available in the department and the material collected from the Pensioner. This has been done in the past while implementing parity enunciated by fifth CPC and even while implementing modified parity of 6'h CPC. In this regard Your kind attention is also drawn to recent Bombay High court Nagpur judgement dated 09.03.2015 in case of Smt. Saija v. General Manager. Central Railway O.A.No. 2131 of 201 1 (Bombay Bench at Nagpur)

Undersigned in the capacity of Secy. Genl ‘Bharat Pensioners Samaj' request you to please review DOPPW decision to save pensioners/family pensioners from unprecedented permanent damage by a department meant for their welfare.

Under signed also request you grant personal audience to a delegation of Bharat Pensioners Samaj to discuss the issue.

As the Empowered committee of Secretaries is scheduled to meet on 11/06/016 an immediate action is requested sir.

Thanking you in anticipation                                                                              
DA/copy of JCA letter

Yours faithfully.

Secy General Bharat Pensioners Samaj
Mob: 98684881 99


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