Comparison of 7th Pay Commission and 6th CPC Pay excluding HRA

NFIR has compared 7th Pay Commission pay and 6th CPC pay excluding revision in HRA. It has concluded that at lower levels only marginal increase in pay has been provided by 7th Pay Commission and that for certain levels no increase or negative increase in pay has been recommended by 7th Pay Commission

Comparison of 7th Pay Commission and 6th CPC Pay excluding HRA – NFIR provides data that shows that increase in pay by way of revision pay proposed by 7th pay commission from the Level 1 to 6 is marginal and from Level 7 there is no increase

During  discussions  with the Hon’ble  MR and the Board (CRB,  FC,  MS) on 23rd December 2015, the NFIR  General Secretary  has expressed that there is all-round  unhappiness on 7th CPC recommendations as in many cases the ‘Take  Home Pay’  is either very marginal  or less than  what  is  received  by the  employee  now.

The  Federation  also  disputed  the estimated financial  implications  (Rs.28,500 crores)  and said that the estimated  expenditure  has been exaggerated.  It was also brought to the notice of the MR the retrograde recommendations  of 7th CPC,  while the case of Railway employees  of various categories  was not dealt adequately and the Railway  Ministry  has unfortunately  not apprised the inadequacies of Grades Pay and Pay Band of 6th CPC to the Chairman,  7th CPC.

Table–II  indicates  6th  CPC minimum pay in GP+  Pay Band without  HRA.

Table-II  (a)  gives 7th CPC  minimum  pay  without   HRA  (staff  in occupation   of Railway quarters are not entitled for HRA).

[A comparison  of Table-II with Table-II (a) shows minus  ‘Take  Home Pay’   for employees of Level- I  to Level-6 of Pay Matrix and equally  marginal  increase to those  in Level-7,  8 & 9 of Pay Matrix. Again  in Level- 10 the ‘Take  Home  Pay’  will be less than the present amount. Overall position  will be either “minus” or “marginal increase”.  The Income Tax deduction would further worsen.]
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