Central Trade Unions decide to hold National Convention of Workers in New Delhi on 30th March, 2016

Central Trade Unions decide to hold National Convention of Workers in New Delhi on 30th March, 2016 to decide about next phase of action programme against anti labour policies of the Govt.

The Central Trade Unions in their meeting held on 27th January 2016. besides deciding to stage All India Protest Day on 10 March, 2016, also decided to hold National Convention of Workers towards the end of March in New Delhi to discuss and decide on next phase of action programme against the anti-people and anti-labour policies of the Cowl The Convention will now be held on 30th March 2016 at Mavalankar Hall, New Delhi. The convention will commence at 10.40 am on 30th March.

The Govt has mounted a fresh attack on social security of workers by levying income lax on 60% of the EPF vnthdrawals through the latest Union Budget besides imposing huge burden on people at large. This is in a way to finance the new enterprises by paying employers share of contribution to pension fund for three years. The Central Trade Unions strongly protest such atrocious onslaught on social security rights of the workers and employees. Taxing of EPF should also be the issue along with pending 12 points charter.

The CTUs also extend support to the Central Govt.. Railways. Defence and Postal etc. for their call for indefinite strike from 11th April 2016. CTUOs also extend the support to Coal Workers joint agitation including the one day strike on 29’th March. 2016.

All the state constituents and friendly workers employees federations are to prepare for All India Protest Day on 10.3.2016 and for participation in National Convention of Workers on this 30th March, 2016.

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