Will the recommendations of the 7th pay commission on medical insurance become inoperative just like the 6th pay commission?

One of the favourite topic  among central govt employees is CGHS.

We do not know whether CGHS scheme will be expanded or CGEPHIS will be started.

7th CPC has given an elaborate answer to this question. In its recommendation, it has suggested to start the insurance scheme.
These days, after a certain age, one could survive only with  some medical help and by taking medicines and tablets.

The diseases which affected people rarely in the past afflict almost everyone now. So it can be said that medical expenses occupy a significant part in the family budget.

The medical expense of the central Government employees, their spouse, children and parents is increasing constantly. The money spent is not got back fully.

When the condition of the employees living in 25 places where there is CGHS facility is not good, what can we say about the condition of the employees and pensioners living in places where there is no CGHS?

The practical difficulties that exist now make the refund of the money spent by the employees coming under CS (MA)Rules  1944 is difficult. When this is so, what is the case of the lakhs of pensioners who do not come under CGHS or CS (MA)Rules  1944?

How can one manage medical expenses with the fixed monthly medical allowance of Rs 500? How can a pensioner manage sudden and great medical expenses?

CGEPHIS is the scheme which came as a solution to all these problems. It was introduced by 6th pay commission but it was never implemented. The 7th CPC has recommended the same scheme. We do not know whether it will also become inoperative.

This huge scheme could benefit 45 lakh employees, 55 lakh pensioners and their families.

Government can pay the initial premium and help the scheme to come in to force immediately. Due to this, it can lessen the possible expenses and additional work that it has to face in future. The employees and the pensioners will also feel peaceful.


Source: http://7-paycommission.in/will-the-recommendations-of-the-7th-pay-commission-on-medical-insurance-become-inoperative-just-like-the-6th-pay-commission/

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Enhancement of fixed medical allowance has not been recommended by the Seventh pay recommendation...Now same position will prevail when accepted portion of the report is notified for implementation.Only when the government sanction for implementation is issued,we can seek for the revision and not at this point of time...
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