Child Care Leave (CCL) is one of the highly preferred recommendations that 6th Pay commission gave to women employees. In one’s tenure, one can use CCL for a period of two years (730 days).  CCL serves as a boon for women employees.

In course of time, when the purpose of CCL is undermined by women employees, a situation was created wherein the government was forced to bring in many amendments and clarifications.

The government released a order stating that a CCL has to be taken for a period of at least fifteen days and it can be taken only thrice in a year.

Now, the 7th Pay Commission has recommended the government to make important changes in CCL. It has given an exceptional recommendation of giving CCL even for single male parents. Moreover, such employees can take CCL six times an year instead of three times.

Even for single female parents the option of taking CCL six times has been extended. At the same time, it has said that for the first year (365 days) full salary has to be given and for CCL taken during the second year, 80% of the salary has to be paid.

CCL is not something that can be availed easily. In today’s scenario, when all the government departments are struggling to cope with the burden of work, getting a CCL sanctioned is a difficult task.

Most of the female employees avail CCL when their children are ill and confined to bed or during the time of their children’s final exams.

As the marks the children score directly determine their future, it has become necessary for mothers to be with their children during the final exams.

Similarly, when a child is ill, mother’s care will certainly give it a special confidence and happiness. Hence, the recommendation of the 7th pay commission that during the second year of the CCL 20% will be lessened is not going to benefit the government in any manner.

So, when the 7th pay commission is implemented, the older way of giving CCL has to be permitted to continue. It is rare to get benefits and reducing even such benefits will not benefit much to Government.


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Anonymous said…
Yes reducing the salary to 80% will actually limit the leave to 1 year. So this is not correct. Moreover in some offices it is completely restricted so there should be some protection to help the employee in getting these leaves during the time of need. The higher officials become vicious in granting it
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