The 7 th Pay commission has already submitted its report to the central government. At this time, many central government employees are eagerly analysing the contents of the 7th pay commission’s report. When central government employees working in two different places meet, 7th CPC is the first thing they talk about.

That the 7th pay commission has recommended the government not to give an interest free advance. Employees are not happy about the recommendation of stopping advance especially  LTC Advance.

In today’s scenario, even when the employees get pay hike, their expenditure is also steadily increasing. They have unavoidable expenses like education of children, marriage, medical expenses of parents, vehicle and housing loans which make their lives difficult.

Due to the influence of modernism, liberalisation and globalisation, even the employees of lowest ranks are not free from the culture of using consumer products. Managing everything and running the family is becoming a difficult task.

It can be said that the stoppage of LTC has ruined the dreams of employees to tour and visit places. Many private tour and travels operators are in the habit of booking travel tickets in advance and get the money from employees when they get their LTC advance. When the LTC advance is stopped, they can no more book tickets in advance.

LTC gave the employees an opportunity to travel by planes, comfortable trains and visit places which they had only seen in books. Most of the employees plan their tours in the hope that they would get the advance. If the LTC advance is stopped, the desire of the employees to visit places with their family members will become a dream. The LTC advance is unique. It is not a small amount as the 7th CPC mentions in its recommendation. Statistics clearly show us that when LTC advance is stopped, many employees will stop using LTC.

In a country like India which has multitude of languages, cultures and traditions, employees can know about others and learn to love them and become broadminded if they have LTC advance option. Interfering even in such good things is not going to do anyone any good!


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