That the 7th Pay Commission which was eagerly expected by all the Central Government Employees submitted its recommendations to the Finance Minister on 19/11/2015 would have been known to almost all the employees.

This is because all the popular websites, blogs, newspapers and TV channels flashed news about the pay commission. It is a crucial announcement which benefits 45 lakh employees and 50 lakh pensioners and so the websites and blogs had a tough time to handle lakhs of visitors who visited them at the same time.

The 7th CPC had kindled such a great curiosity among the employees. When the 6th CPC announcement was made it did not receive such a wide publicity. Since the past eight years, the internet usage has increased tremendously.

 In the same way, we can say that when the 8th CPC is announced even the way it is announced might change completely.

To that extent the use of online applications are increasing rapidly.

Today, it is very common to find almost all the employees carrying Android cell phone in their hands and having a Desktop or a Laptop in their homes. Using these gadgets they performed a massive number of searches on 7th CPC.

The searches performed by the users tried to find answers for questions like: How the Basic Pay has changed? Is there still a system of Grade Pay? What happened to HRA? What is the status of CEA?
However, after seeing the 7th CPC report, the employees were in a state of disappointment as they did not get what they had expected.

 Most of the employees felt that they did not get benefits and pay increase in 7th CPC as they got when the pay commission changed from 5th to 6th.

The faces of most of the employees were sad because the rise that they got occurs only once in ten years.

All federations expressed their disapproval through reports. Through the NJCA agency, they have decided to go on an indefinite strike in the month of March.

In this scenario, the new years is beginning on 01/01/2016. The employees who had planned to enjoy the New Year in a grand way along with the announcement of 7th CPC in are pushed to a state of grief as they heard the news that they have to compulsorily come to work on 01/01/2016 failing which their pay revision will happen from the date they came for work lastly.

News such as these has put a big question mark on their New Year celebrations. In many Central government offices, the holiday that was already announced for the New Year day has been changed to some other day.

 They say this change has been done to avoid unnecessary problems that may arise in the Revision of Pay. However, after the New Year day, we get a Saturday and Sunday, so we can hope that the New Year celebrations will happen in a glorious manner on these two days.


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Present is a compilation submitted in two parts.Part I in connection with pay and Allowances and Part II with Pension topics respecting Civil/Defence categories.The are on an estimated basis.The actual will be, as and when the Central Government Notifications are made which is the only source document required for the purpose of implementation.Since the combined effect has a high value transactions all round,the same has to pass through Budget Session for the financial year 2016-2017.Central Government has expressed concerns with the !!! High Value Transactions!!!In such a situation,the procedure followed by sixth pay commission in terms of schedule of payments can be followed,Except the arrears due respecting family pensioners.If at all the compilation is not experienced good,Central Government can examine enhancement of principle from the existing 2.57% to 2.86% which prevailed in the sixth pay commission 2006 during implementation,where in the relief claimed can be treated as genuine since the benefits are after a long gap of ten years...
Unknown said…
Kya 119%da me se 50%6th pay commition ke mool besik me joda jayeg?
Unknown said…
The Government should first ressolve the issues raised by NzC JCM and then issue notification. It is not uderstood as to why government employeess only should be put to new pension scheme evan after serving more than 30 years and the personns who claims to join politics to serve people voluntarily should get more pay and allowances and pension and family pension only after taking oath when parliament or assembly is dissolved when majority is not proved in the house. When the politicians are getting salary, they should face conduct rules of central or state govt with certain qualifications. They should be given certificate of MLA/MP only after police verification as in the cases of employees.They should also be made members of CPF.

Unknown said…
All payments to MzLA and MP should be subjed to income tax and all allowances whcich are reimbursement should not be subject to tax only when alloances received are proved as having been actually incurred for the purposes they were allowed. If this is done only then it will be said that the politicians are likes aam aadmi and not khaas aadmi.
Who am I? said…
50% nahin, pura ka pura DA basic me joda jayega, saath hi kuch aur bhi milega. Yah har Pay Commission me hota hai, ismein bhi hua hai.
Aap bhi bachchon jaise sawal karate hain mishra ji. 7th pay commission ki report nahin to koi akhbaar hi padh lete. Dedh mahine ho gaye Commission ko report daakhil kiye. Yah to wahi baat hui ki puri ki puri ramayan sun li aur puch rahe hain ki sita kaun thi.
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