Easy steps to Calculate your Basic Pension in 7th Pay Commission-Gservants

We here illustrate the method through easy 5 Steps to calculate your Basic Pension in  7th CPC  Recommendation

Easy steps to Calculate your Basic Pension in 7th Pay Commission

There are Two options have been given to Pensioners

First They have to calculate the Two options and  whichever is benefit for them They can select higher amount as their Pension

Option No.1 .  The existing Pension may be Multiplied by 2.57

Option No.2 . The Pay Scale  on their retirement and Number of increments they earned  to be taken for calculation

In that Case they should know their Pay Scale and Basic Pay drawn on the date of their Retirement and number increments they earned

By referring the Corresponding Pay scale in successive Pay Commission, they should identify their Sixth pay commission Pay band. If they Know their corresponding Pay Band in sixth Pay commission then it will be easy for them to arrive their Basic Pension to be fixed in VII pay commission.

After calculating the Basic Pension from the above two options, they can choose whichever is beneficial for them

Calculation for arriving your 7th CPC Basic Pension is described below through 5 Easy Steps

 Assume You retired at last pay drawn of ₹4,000 on 31 January, 1989 under the IV CPC regime, having drawn 9 increments in the pay scale of ₹3000-100-3500-125-4500:

              Your Basic Pension as revised in VI CPC = 12,543

Calculation Option -I


Multiply your Your Basic Pension with 2.57

                    Basic Pension (VI CPC)   x   2.57

= 12543 x 2.57 = 32235.70 ( Paisa to be rounded off rupee)

Your basic Pension As per VII CPC = Rs.32236

Calculation Option-II


–    Identify your corresponding Pay Level in Pay Matrix
–    For that you should know your Pay Band in VI pay commission

[The Pay scale details will be informed you by Concerned Pension Paying Authorities when ever your basic Pension was revised as per the successive Pay commission Recommendation ]

for example for this pay scale of ₹3000-100-3500-125-4500,  the corresponding  Pay Scale  and   pay band for Fifth and Sixth CPC respectively is given below

[Visit : To see the III, IV , V CPC Pay Scale ]

In IV Pay Commission Your Pay Scale is 3000-100-3500-125-4500
In V pay Commission Your Pay scale is 10000-325-15200
In Sixth Pay Commission Your Pay Band is 15600-39100 – Grade Pay is 6000

         In Seventh Pay commission your Pay Matrix Level is 11

Step -III

Minimum Pay at this level -11 is Rs. 67700

Total increment earned on your initial pay on the date of Retirement is 9

So Count nine cells from the cell assigned as Minimum Pay in that Level 11

your index number in that Particular Pay matrix Level 11 = 10

The figure in Level 11 and Index 10 = 88400

             50% of this Pay will be fixed as your Basic Pension

Hence your Basic Pension will be fixed at Rs.44200/-

Step- IV

Choose whichever is higher to fix your Basic Pension
Basic Pension in Option -1 = 32236
Basic Pension in Option -2 = 44200

You can select option 2 as the fixation for Basic Pension in 7th Pay commission

Your basic Pension in 7th Pay commission = 44200/-

Note : 1.

Those who are retired in Sixth Pay commission regime would be aware of their increment and Pay Band details. It will be easy for them to calculate their Basic pension in VII Pay Commission using this matrix.
For other it will be very difficult to find out their Pay scale and quantum of increment details as of now. Also It will take little time for Concerned Department to verify the Pensioners record to ascertain the number of increments earned in the retiring level

Note -II

So 7th pay commission recommended that in the first instance the revised pension may be calculated using Calculation Option -I and the same may be paid as an interim measure

[ Your Present Basic Pension to be Multiplied by 2.57 = Rs .32236 ]

So Rs.32236 will be paid as Basic Pension as Interim Measure

After Checking the records of concerned individuals As per calculation Option -II

Then Rs.44200 will pe Paid as your Basic Pension

Subsequently the difference of higher amount also will be Paid as Arrears


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Unknown said…
The easiest way to caculate pension by the second method is to locate after how many increments your last basic pay reached at the time of retirement. To calculate this you make a table starting from the initial basic pay + grade pay as the first point and then go on adding 3% every year for next stages, e.g.,
In the scale of 15600-30100 with GP 6600
First stage is 15600+6600=22200
next with 3% increment is 22866
next with 3% increment is 23552 and so on. This way you may find the number of increments your basic pay at the time of your retirement earned to arrive at that stage.
Now you go to the matrix of scales and find your new position after allowing the increments you have thus calculated. Now half that amount will be your basic pension. This method will surely prove beneficial to all old pensioners.
The total pension = basic pension + DA admissible

What would be the DA percentage for the new basic pension calculated ?8
D P SHAW SO(Retired) DRAT, Kolkata said…
I agree with Mr.Madan Mohan Joshi. This is the right way to calculate number of increments earned at the time retirement in the scale of pay by the pensioner .
Unknown said…
I aagree with Mr.Madan Mohan Joshi. This is the right and correct way to calculate number of increment earned at the time of retirement. Accordingle pay should be fixed taking into account the number of increment in the level of pay matrix so reched and half of the amount would be basic revised pension as per 7th CPC recommendation
Anonymous said…
No grade pay as such to the retired employees prior to VI pay commission. and If so how their pension calculation under option II.
RegardsC Krishnan nair
How to calculate new Basic Pension for a Family Pension in the 7th CPC who has drawn Rs.4407/- in the 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006. Now the BP is 4887/- + DR of 125%(1.1.2016). Can anyone tell us what is the new Basic Pension in 7th CPC as on 1.1.2016 that is likely to be fixed ?
Anonymous said…
What is the revised Basic Pension in 7th CPC from 1.1.2016 for a Family Pensioner who has drawn Rs.4407/- as on 1.1.2006 in 6th CPC and currently drawing Rs.4887/- + 125% DR as on 1.1.2016. ? The Family Pensioner is 83 years old and he is also in receipt of Addl. Pension @ 20% on 4887/-.
How to calculate new Basic Pension for a Family Pension in the 7th CPC who has drawn Rs.4407/- in the 6th CPC as on 1.1.2006. Now the BP is 4887/- + DR of 125%. Can anyone tell us what is the new BP in 7th CPC.
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