Various details about the 7th Pay Commission has been constantly coming out in the newspapers and the internet. All the Central Government employees anticipate that the pay commission will finalise its report and submit the same to the central government in the month of December.

Dearness Allowance is calculated and paid twice every year (in the months of January and July) based on the AICPIN value that is released at the end of every month. In the present method, the employees who are in the lower levels and get lesser pay will receive lower DA and those high officials who are in the higher grades will get a higher DA. As DA is calculated as percentage, those who get lower pay will only get a lesser DA.

In today’s situation, employees who are in the lower and higher levels spend the same amount of money for their essential family expenses. Milk, grocery, clothing, electricity, petrol, vegetables and other essential expenses are common for both higher officials and lower level employees.

However, the higher officials get a greater share of the DA benefits. Hence, instead of calculating DA based on percentages, a specific and equal amount has to be announced in common for all the employees.

For instance, let us consider that a Group C employee gets a DA of `. 750/- as per the present DA calculation. At the same time if the higher official gets a DA of `. 2500, both can be given a common DA of `. 1625/- (2500 + 750 = 3250/2 = 1625) Sharing the DA among the higher officials and the 80% of lower level employees will be a suitable solution.

Already, there is a huge difference in salary among employees; in this situation such an initiative will certainly breathe a new energy in to the employees.


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