Newspapers keep informing us that that the 7th pay commission, which is eagerly expected by all the Central Government Employees will submit its report soon.

A considerable portion of the income that the Central Government Employees receive is from HRA (House Rent Allowance). Next to Dearness Allowance, HRA attracts the attention of most Central Government Employees.

HRA is classified as X, Y, Z according to population. HRA is given for city X as 30%, for Y as 20% and for Z 10%. Recently, more cities have been upgraded according to population and thereby a possibility of getting more HRA has been created.

At the same time, employees working in places which are not cities get lesser amount as HRA. For employees working in areas with lesser facilities like - no basic facilities, lying remote and inaccessible, no good schools for children, no recreation facility for family members, it would be a right decision to provide the same HRA as that which is given to employees who work in the cities.

Only then, such employees will come forward to continue their work in such areas. Otherwise, they will concentrate only on applying and getting a transfer from the area and will remain detached from the locality in which they work.

Just like DA which is given without any discrimination, an equal sum as HRA should also be given to all Central Government Employees without any difference. There can be no doubt about the feasibility of this solution.

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