7th Pay Commission likely to recommend work-from-home options for physically handicapped, women employees

“The 7th Pay Commission is finding out if there are possibilities for differently-abled and women employees of the Central Government to work from home.”

According to sources, the 7th Pay Commission has sought for the opinion of the Department of Information and Technology regarding this option. The 7th Pay Commission has asked to study the possibilities of differently-abled and women workers to perform simple and specialized tasks from home and stay connected via the internet and other telecommunication tools.

The 7th Pay Commission has asked the Department of Information and Technology to identify such jobs for the less than 10,000 differently-abled workers who are currently employed by the Central Government.

Sources also say that Flexi-time Working Hours options are being considered for the more than 3.5 lakh women who are employed by the Central Government.

Since it is impossible for both these segments of workers to work during night shifts, the 7th Pay Commission is looking for options to employ them in specialized monetary and supervisory works which could be performed from home. It is being said that the step will be of tremendous relief for employees who have to travel long distance to reach their offices, and for the employees who work in congested offices.

It can be inferred that the 7th Pay Commission is particular about giving priority to women and differently-abled workers. Sources say that the 7th Pay Commission believes that greater productivity could be expected from them.

It is a well-known fact that telecommuting and work-from-hope options have become very popular in the private sectors and highly specialized tasks are sometimes performed this way. The 7th Pay Commission wants to bring in this work culture to the Central Government jobs too.

Meanwhile, news and updates about the 7th Pay Commission continue to flow into the news media. The Commission is very likely to submit its report to the Government by the end of December. Sources say that the final stage of preparing the report is now on.

Speculations about 35 percent salary hike, increasing the minimum pay to Rs.21,000, 4 MACP promotions, modernizing the CGHS medical facilities, and most importantly, about the retirement age, continue to surface. Readers are requested to not believe in any of them because all of them are mere figments of the writers’ imagination.

Source: http://www.cgstaffnews.in/seventh-pay-commission-likely-to-recommend-work-from-home-options-for-physically-handicapped-women-employees/

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