Verification of qualifying service after 18 years service and 5 years before retirement.-DOPT

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare

Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market,
New Delhi-110003,
Dated the 16.9.2015


Sub : Verification of qualifying service after 18 years service and 5 years before retirement.

It has been observed by this Department that processing of pension cases of the employees retiring from the government service quite often get delayed on account of the issues relating to verification of service from time to time by the concerned authorities during the service of the concerned employee. Although detailed instructions regarding verification of service have been issued by Department of Personnel & Training and by this Department, these instructions are not meticulously adhered to resulting in delay in sanctioning of retirement benefit of the employees.

2. Rule 32 of the CCS (Pension) rules, which existed prior to December, 2012 provided for issuing of a certificate in Form 24 by the Head of Office in consultation with by the Account Officer regarding completion of qualifying service of 25 years. These rules have been amended subsequently and as per the existing provisions, a certificate regarding qualifying service is required to be issued by the HOO after completion of 18 years of service and again S years before the date of retirement of an employee. Rule further provide that verification done under that rule shall be treated as final and shall not be reopened except when necessitated by a subsequent· change in the rules and orders governing the conditions under which the service qualifies for pension.

3. It has been noticed that the certificates regarding qualifying service are not invariably issued to the government servant as required under the rules. All Ministries/ Departments etc. are therefore requested to bring these provisions to the notice of Heads of Offices and PA Os for strict compliance. Non-compliance of this statutory requirements may be viewed seriously.

4. In order to review status regarding compliance of these rules, all Ministries/ Departments are requested that the information may be collected from all establishments /office under them and the same may be compiled and sent to this Department by 15th October, 201 S in the enclosed proforma.

( Sujasha Choudhury)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

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Amended version of the Rule is a great relief.The genuine difficulties are in getting the details of nature of leave availed to know the Non-qualifying service if any before the desired certificates are issued.!!! Obtaining of signatures of the serving government officials has to be compulsorily on yearly basis!!! including the officials positioned in different stations under the Administrative control of a particular head of office...Regional Audit Officer of the concerned Region is presently monitoring the !!! Leave Account!!! which forms part of issue of Net Qualifying Service.Delay is minimal, yet the work is moving within the time schedule to the extent possible.
Anonymous said…
A great initiative.
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