Newspapers continuously update us with news about the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission which holds the highest expectation levels at present. From such sources, we come to know that the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission are going to be submitted on 31st of October and they may come to force from 1/4/2016.

Pay structure is very important and equally important is the promotion policy.
Assured Career Progression (ACP) which was introduced in the 5th Pay Commission, provided some comfort for the employees who suffered from lack of promotions for  long years. Before this, promotion was just an illusion. Labour Unions and Federations of the Central government employees got these benefits for us after much struggle.

In the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission, which came after this, ACP was changed to MACP (Modified Assured Career Progression) and it provided an opportunity for employees who were not promoted for the last ten years  to enter the next Grade Pay.

In this, the benefit was very small as 1800, 1900, 2000, 2400, 2800, 4200, 4600, 4800 (excluding 2800-4200). Many issues in this method of Grade Pay still lie unresolved before the National Anomaly Committee.

Hence, lakhs of Central Government employees expect a favourable change in MACP at least through 7th Pay Commission. During his or her service period, an employee must have at least five promotions. This has been an important plea of the Central Trade  Unions.

The benefit of the first MACP has to be given after 8 years of continuous service and the benefit of the successive MACP has to be given after 7,6,5 and 4 years of continuous service.

If the benefits of MACP were such, certainly all the central government employees will be highly encouraged and will work hard to make all the Central Government plans and activities a great success.

This will definitely increase the productivity of the Central Government and the associated industries. Due to this, the relationship between the government and the employees will become more harmonious and there will be a peaceful working environment.

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Unknown said…
Very good comment for macp
Unknown said…
Very good comment for macp
s s sharma said…
The best one of all comments in 7CPC. I like n dream it.
Anonymous said…
I like it
Unknown said…
I don't like this proposal because this is only "sabzbag"
Unknown said…
this is good for hearing but result will be negative
Anonymous said…
granting higher grade pay to juniors on the basis of MACP leaving the seniors in lower grade pay is very discouraging, seniors grade pay may be stepped up equalising with juniors who enjoy MACP.
Anonymous said…
The MACP for non-gazetted administrative posts should be changed into Promotional Basis ATLEAST ONE POINT OF TIME AT THE LEVEL FROM NON-GAZETTED POST TO GAZETTED POST instead of just increase in grade pay. Many seniormost employees who have already put more than 20, 30, 40 years, because of non-availability of vacancy, they are still in the same designation (that means in the non-gazetted post only) by getting only minimum increase in the grade pay and retire without getting promotion to the next higher position in the gazetted post even though they are eligible for promotion to the gazetted level post. In a same group of employees, some will get regular promotion very early when vacancy arises and the remaining will be in non-gazetted post only for so many years for getting the promotion and cursing their fate and the government.

Hence, it is required that those who have completed minimum residency period in the present post, they should be given promotion under MACP from non-gazetted level to gazetted level.

If 7th CPC and the government agrees for change of MACP system into promotional basis, its effective date, Commission’s / Government’s FOREMOST DUTY IS TO PROTECT THE SENIORS FIRST. THAT MEANS, THE SENIORS SHOULD BE GIVEN PROMOTION FIRST, THEN ONLY THE JUNIORS SHOULD GET PROMOTION. OTHERWISE, JUNIORS WILL GET PROMOTION TO THE NEXT HIGHER POST FROM THE DATE OF EFFECT OF MACP IN 7TH CPC AND THE SENIORS WILL BE IN THE SAME OLD DESIGNATION. Already the seniors are not benefitted in 6th cpc, atleast they should be benefitted first by getting promotion BEFORE THE JUNIORS GET.

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