Children Education Allowance (CEA)  – Some Suggestions

All the Central government employees will agree that the Children Education Allowance is an important recommendation of the 6th Pay Commission. For the employees who were getting Rs. 30 or 40 per month, CEA was undoubtedly a great gift. Employees of other states and those working in the private sector yearn for CEA.

The Central Government in many ways is correcting the minor shortcomings in CEA through clarifications. Even then, one cannot deny the fact that there are still some flaws in it.

The CEA of Rs.18000 per year allocated by the government has to be given without asking any bills. In the beginning of the academic year, when an employee produces an evidence letter to his office, he has to get his CEA.

Most of the time even when the bills are produced the full CEA amount is never issued. The officers of the specific area decide the amount to be given to the employees.

The present norm that CEA is only for the first two children should be changed as: for any two children of the employee.

The trend of having only one child has increased in many families. When it is a female child, the central government has to double the CEA and give it to the employee.

College education, whether it is engineering or arts has become very common these days. So the 7th pay commission, which is going to be implemented from 1/1/2016, in its recommendation has to include CEA up to college education. Almost all the central government employees expect that the 7th pay commission in its recommendation will certainly include the recommendation of giving CEA for the girl child up to college level.

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